iMap Issues/Functionality/Bugs addressed this sprint:

  • Names of buttons have been updated on Create Record

  • New Export Functionality (see detailed instructions below).  You can now: 
    1. Export by Geography
    2. Export by Drawing on Map
    3. Export by current Extent (this was the only existing technology)
    4. Can choose to Include/Exclude Filter
    5. Files are now exported in one zip file
    6. See more instructions here


  • Add Layer by URL (see detailed instructions below)
    1. Added the ability add a new layer (including raster and vector layers) using a new “Add Layer by URL” tool available in the Layers Legend



  • Photo Improvements
    1. UI will now count the photo’s as you add them to the record creator and will show the number as you scroll through them. 
    2. In the details record, it put dots on the panel that the photos appear on, so you can keep track of the number of panels.
    3. You can now upload more than one photo at a time


  • Fixed bugs:         
    1. Record sorting on table – can now open details record
    2. Exporting of Treatments and Searched Areas will now export correct records
    3. Find Record Tool now working for all record types, including approximate species
    4. Identify on Hex is now working
    5. Some dates in the export were exported as string rather than date. This is fixed

Export Functionality