The following is new Functionality added in this update:  

  • Two new reports have been added to the reports module: Infested Area and Approaching Region (detailed instructions coming soon)
  • New fields for Animal Invertebrate - Other have been added
  • The export/report box and the record creator are now draggable by the title bar
  • Some fields now include Hover Text and some other text edits including 
  • If a presence record only has one present species record associated with it, the details window defaults to open.
  • Growth Habit/Habitat Type has been removed from the Jurisdiction Page (it now only exists on the Network List)
  • Confirmers can now edit a species name

The following bugs were addressed in this update:

  • Users can now be removed successfully from an organization and re-added again if needed
  • Records are no longer duplicated in the identity/measure box
  • You can now filter by a person/observer and run a report successfully