The following is new Functionality added in this update:  

  • ApproximateTo field was added to the data model and is now editable and viewable by Admins (this field will be made viewable by all users in the next Sprint)
  • Confidential Until Confirmed is now an option for Jurisdiction Species. This is used for species for which all presence records will be confidential until the record is marked as confirmed, at which time the record becomes not-confidential.
  • Multiple Text Edits and Hover Text were added to various fields throughout the application.
  • Domain Value changed from Web App to Online for data entry method

The following bugs were addressed in this update:

  • Fixed a bug with Approaching Region Report (was including incorrect species)
  • Organization Name can now be edited
  • Non-Admin users can now add a tagged project to Treatments and Multi-Record Searched Areas
  • Users and Persons can now be removed from Organizations correctly
  • Fixed a bug where species that were marked as Confidential were showing up as not-Confidential in the presence records.