The following is new functionality added in this update:  

  • Multiple Text Edits and Hover Text were added to various fields throughout the application.
  • Confidential Until Confirmed is now an available designation for Jurisdiction Species Records.  This designation allows records of species marked as "Confidential Until Confirmed" to remain confidential until that record is confirmed, at which point, the record then becomes "Not Confidential".
  • ApproximateTo field is now editable by Data Managers and Jurisdiction Admins, but viewable by everyone.
  • Improved the workflow for confirming records (there is now a button you can use to confirm records and fill in confirmer fields).
  • Users now have the ability to select a default date and project for all presence, not-detected, and treatment records as they are creating records using the Multi-Record Search Area wizard.

The following bugs were addressed in this update:

  • Habitat Fields are now correctly populated and are being used in the appropriate toggles, exports etc.
  • Organization Names can now be exported.
  • Non-Admin Users can now tag projects to records in the record creation process and in the completed records.
  • Organizations now load for non-admin users.
  • Jurisdictions now only appear once in the dropdown when creating a project.
  • Fixed Approaching Region report so it is returning the correct results.
  • Auto-Zoom is reinstated.
  • Users can now be removed from Organizations successfully.
  • Project Lead was removed from the UI.
  • Presumed Eliminated checkbox on the Filter tool is now working properly.
  • Deleted records should no longer be appearing in Hexes.
  • Export tool is now working for confidential approximate species.
  • Searched Areas are now visible to public users.
  • Fixed an issue where you could use the "Find" tool on confidential deleted or not-detected records.

Instructions for moving a single presence polygon in which the new location is partially outside the existing Searched Area