The following is new functionality that was included in this release:

  • A "Local Municipalities Layer was added to the map interface. This layer is calculated as a spatial attribute for records in iMapInvasives and can also be used as criteria for exports, reports, email alerts, and distribution maps.
  • The MOBI (Map of Biodiversity Importance) was also added as a layer in iMapInvasives. MOBI helps informs users where the areas with the highest concentrations of rare species and biodiversity occur, which can help land managers decide where to focus their resources in areas where they will have the most impact.
  • "Custom Jurisdiction Application" was added as a domain value to the data_entry_method table.

The following bugs were fixed in this release:

  • "Go to Map" will now zoom to records on the map.
  • Confidential species are no longer included in email alerts for non-confidential viewers with different home Jurisdictions
  • Users can now export their own unconfirmed records
  • The filter tool was not working on the Plantae Kingdom
  • The map inset was not loading for certain sets of records
  • Treatment photo was not saving for records created with the record creator
  • You can now add a partner organization to personal projects
  • You can now filter on personal projects
  • The Treatment WMS layer and Export had a link pointing to the development site