The following is new functionality that was included in this release:

  • Users can now view the Hexagon Layer to include Confirmed, Unconfirmed or Both Confirmed and Unconfirmed Presence Records
  • Email alerts now sort/group confirmed and unconfirmed records
  • The export/report tool now uses the phrase "Use Filter" instead of "Ignore Filter"
  • Changes to Approximate Symbology and moving up of layer in the layers list
  • Addition of text to Filter Tool to remind users to turn on the layers they would like to see filtered
  • Addition of "NY Regional Planning Model Report" (Authorized Users Only)
  • Ability to select Confirmed/Unconfirmed/Both records in Email Alerts

The following bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Fixed bug that prevented reports from running if a species filter was applies
  • Confidential Searched Areas for Confidential Not Detected were not showing up on map or WMS or Find Window
  • Photos are now showing up in Google Chrome
  • Fixed issues with bulk uploading approximate data
  • Email alerts should no longer include deleted records
  • Add distribution layer was not working for confidential records