The following are new features that were included in the release:

  • Filter Tool - Help link (not button)
  • Filter Tool: Remove the asterisk (*) at the start of the text notes at the top of each tab
  • Time Slider - change name of tool
  • Exports - pop-up box - modify text [from #1675]
  • Batch Edit - Functionality available for J-Admins AND Org Admins
  • Batch Edit - text edit - modify "No Rows" --> more info for user
  • Batch Edit - Radio buttons for Append & Replace
  • Batch Edit - Limit cross-jurisdiction to home jurisdiction.
  • Filter Tool - widen the box a smidge (so once a green dot is added to a tab, all the tabs still fit on one line)
  • Filter Tool - Modify text notes at top of each tab so they have similar wording
  • Batch Edit - Only show home jurisdiction Organizations [and Projects]


The following bugs were fixed in this release: 

  • Filter will not open after batch update (intermittent)