The following are new features that were included in the release: 

  • On the Species Jurisdiction page: add a button with a link for "View this species on the map"
  • Confirming records pop-up box - auto-populate the Verified-by
  • New Functionality Request: Allow UUID to be captured when creating a record via API
  • Incorporate iNaturalist Data into Species List by Geography Report
  • Reports - Add totals at the bottom 
  • Update PRISM Blocks layer (NY IS Regional Planning Model) [Section D]
  • Add two links to the Main iMap Menu
  • User Roles: Add the ability to assign confirming privileges to species labeled as a "common species"
  • Horizon Scanning - Weekly email alerts
  • Incorporating iNaturalist Data into Custom email alerts

The following bugs were fixed in this release

  •  Incorrect behavior of batch create tool relative to other tabs of filter tool
  • The table is cut off on the Batch Edit tool when using the "confirmation" dropdown
  • Bug when deleting records using Batch Edit tool