The following are new features that were included in the release:  

J-Admin Work

  • Use the Jurisdiction Political Boundary Layer for Exports/Reports
  • Filter Tool Enhancement - Let the user know if Results = zero
  • Changing species in presence record is more straightforward
  • Make Bulk Upload Data Set Name Field Visible in iMap3
  • Add "Admin Comments" as a field to change in Batch Edit tool
  • Add iNaturalist_ID to the Network Species List table
  • Add Observer as a field to change in Batch Edit Tool
  • Allow batch editing of more than 100 records at once
  • Make updates to Confirm Button

PA Prioritization Tool:

  • Update PA Block details page with text/misc. edits
  • Text and Misc changes for PA Prioritization tool 
  • Generate/Run Report for PA Prioritization Tool
  • Details Page for PA Prioritization Tool layer
  • PA Prioritization Tool layer in iMap Web Map

Siren Work

  • Make Map Servce from new database view
  • Make new database view for confirmed presences with new easy-to-add fields

The following bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Filtering for Jurisdiction on the General Tab Causes All Hexes To Disappear at 1:36,978,595
  • iNaturalist Records Are Not Included In Horizon Scanning Alerts
  • Presumed Eliminated filter not working
  • Batch edit let's you edit more than the max number of records, sometimes fails
  • Error Message Received when a Presumed Eliminated Not Detected Record is Selected
  • iMap system admin must respect other other permissions to batch edit
  • Error message when exporting filtered dataset when using Geography Filter (on the Geography Tab)
  • Species List by Geography Report shows no results when running on the Hex Layer
  • IInfested Area does not recalculate if a presence record is remapped from a polygon to a point (it should get removed or set to null)
  • Batch Edit Tool- The "successful" message is not always visible after committing changes
  • Batch edit - showing results of all records in Presence record of filtered criteria
  • Exporting iNaturalist data causes error